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How Lutherans Implicitly Deny Faith Alone in Christ Alone by SC Lazar

In doing some research for an article—and a future book—on an "Objective Atonement," I have been reading the work of Robert D. Preus, one of the most prominent confessional Lutheran theologians of the 20th century and one of the few systematic theologians whom Zane Hodges quoted with approval. Indeed, I find there are several points of agreement between Preus and Hodges on the nature and scope of the atonement, saving faith, and justification...

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GES Board Meeting Jan, 2015

GES Board Jan 2015
Free Grace For Baptists
by Shawn Lazar

Some Baptists identify as Arminian, others as Calvinist, and a few as Calminian. But there are many more Baptists who avoid each of these labels without having a name for what they believe...

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What Is Free Grace Theology?
by Bob Wilkin

Although Free Grace theology goes back to the Lord Jesus and to His Apostles—and it was certainly evident in the seventeenth through nineteenth centuries as well...

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September 2014 Partners in Grace

The GES Summer Board Meeting

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