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Predestined to What? Another View of Romans 8:28-29 by SC Lazar

Here is a thought I had recently concerning the word proginosko (“for whom He foreknew”) in Romans 8:29. My interpretation is different than anything I ever seen (including the new commentary by Zane Hodges on Romans), but it makes sense to me.

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Free Grace For Baptists
by Shawn Lazar

Some Baptists identify as Arminian, others as Calvinist, and a few as Calminian. But there are many more Baptists who avoid each of these labels without having a name for what they believe...

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Hebrews Provides a Model for How to Encourage "Stuck" Believers to Get Growing
by David Janssen

Every church has them: believers who have the confidence of spending eternity with Jesus but who are not making progress in their spiritual life.

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January 2014 Partners in Grace

Shawn and Bob with Arnold Fruchtenbaum at the Pre-Trib Study Group Conference

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